LAV CBD is an innovative new South Florida company specializing in everything CBD. Miami and the rest of South Florida are experiencing a huge demand for medicinal cannabis products which is why we work our hardest to provide the best CBD in Miami and the surrounding areas.

Some of the products and high dosage CBD oil you can order from us include vaporizer cartridges, tinctures, smokable hemp flower, chocolate, creams and vape battery accessories. We use full-spectrum THC-free CBD for all our products, so you can experience the full medicinal qualities of our premium CBD oil without getting “high”.

We also ship nationwide so you can enjoy our high dosage premium CBD oil products no matter where you are in the United States! Check out our instagram account @lavcbd and follow us for awesome content and educational tidbits about the science and endless benefits of CBD!

I’m Val, having dealt with stress, insomnia, and constant back pain after injury, I have decided to switch to natural medicine, CBD, and make it affordable to everyone. Our exceptional products are made from full spectrum organically-grown CBD from the US that contains 0.0% THC and is always 3rd party lab tested. This is a perfect product for people who want to try natural medicine for sleep aid, stress relief & pain relief. We are the only company that makes affordable CBD and we are the first CBD delivery service in Miami.


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Lab Results

We publish our test results for our line of products to bring transparency into the products you are using.