What Is Fair Trade?

Fair trade cocoa and chocolate are all about building trust and a mutually beneficial relationship that bridges the diverse cultural and geographic boundaries. As a global movement, it ensures that small farmers in developing countries have better economic stability.  Fair Trade Chocolate Facts

So when you buy fair trade chocolate from us, you are effectively supporting eco-friendly farming methods, promoting fair working standards and investing in sustainable agriculture.

Even better, fair trade ensures that the cocoa is only of premium quality; this means that you only get organic and delicious chocolate!

Some Fair Trade Chocolate Facts

Here are some exciting facts about fair trade cocoa:

  • The average cocoa farmer is over 50 years old because younger generations are not interested in the industry and the benefits are poor.
  • Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire are the top producers of cocoa with the former contributing 40% of all the cocoa available globally.
  • Fair trade standards prohibit the use of GMOs and agro-chemicals.
  • As farmers are paid a fair price for their work, they are able to increase their productivity and quality

Benefits Of Fair Trade

Fair trade chocolate sales help in paying back the farmers with premiums that cooperatives use to develop and improve farms.

This results in increased quality of cocoa, which in turn leads to a substantial increase in income.

Best CBD Chocolate

LAV’s CBD chocolates are crafted using only the purest ingredients, grown with care by small farmers.

As a result, all our products – from bars to beautifully-painted truffles – are considered healthy chocolate snacks that are loaded with nutrients and 200 mg full-spectrum CBD for a range of problems like pain, inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia.

Our CBD edible chocolates not only taste delicious but they are perfectly vegan. Made out of premium quality cocoa, these organic CBD chocolate bars are free of GMO’s and other harmful ingredients.

At LAV CBD, we provide the best CBD chocolates that are free of any amount of THC, preservatives, artificial flavors, etc.

Simple Ways To Contribute To Fair Trade

Here’s how you can do your part and contribute to social justice:

Buy fair trade – only opt for fair trade certified companies like LAV CBD for healthy chocolate snacks. Remember, as part of the fair trade process, our premium CBD chocolates are not sprayed with harmful chemicals and undergo an independent audit to meet certain quality standards.

Learn and share: dive deeper into fair trade practices and spread the love. Tell your family and friends about the plight of cocoa farmers and help them do their part in supporting sustainable agriculture.