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Peppermint Oil 1000mg


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Relax and forget all your problems with the taste of favorite winter candy for a cool refreshment. The best value product as it contains 30+ doses of 30mg CBD. In addition, feel the “entourage effect” with a full spectrum CBD distillate and an added boost of 99% CBD isolate for guaranteed effectiveness. Enjoy our organic and Non-GMO ingredients! Includes luxury magnet box packaging!

What is CBD and full spectrum CBD?

CBD comes from a cannabis plant and it has unique anti-inflammatory properties to effectively help with pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Smoking CBD or consuming high doses of CBD (100mg+) will also provide you with the “entourage effect”. An euphoria and relaxation from full spectrum CBD without any psychoactive effects due to other unique cannabinoids and terpenes present in our products, except for the THC. Our tincture is not intended for smoking.

This product contains 0.0% THC.

Additional information


Full Spectrum 1000 mg CBD


Peppermint Cane


1.0 oz (30 ml)

How to Use

We recommend a single dose of 25mg of CBD, but it varies depending on a person. Take 1 full droplet and place the liquid under the tongue for 30 seconds.


Organic MCT Oil, Premium CBD Distillate, Pure CBD Isolate, Organic Peppermint Flavor Oil (Organic Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavors)

Lab Results

COA Distillate, COA Isolate, Tincture

8 reviews for Peppermint Oil 1000mg

  1. Tess

    It really helped me with muscle pain after work out and in addition to that, I slept very well after using it. Great product with 2 positive effects!

  2. James


  3. Max

    Ordering this for Christmas!!!

  4. Mila

    I really like this colorful magnet package, it makes the Christmas atmosphere!

  5. Jake

    Good value, lasts for a pretty long time and helps with pain-management.

  6. Ron

    Very good price compared to other cbd tinctures! I care a lot about organic ingredients and 3rd party lab tested and other brands sell these tinctures for around $80! So happy that finally someone made exiting product for affordable price!

  7. Anthony

    The taste of peppermint is unreal, I take it a few times a day and my mood improves a lot with this product.

  8. Todge

    I like this flavor a lot, nevertheless I would highly recommend taking a higher dose of CBD than 1 ml. 33 mg is not enough for me. I tried taking CBD for 1 week, but the result was only a better sleep at night. Then I have switched to 66mg of CBD-2 ml and started to feel somewhat relaxed. However, the real mellow feeling only came when I tried 99mg, which is 3 full droplets.

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