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Strawberry Juul Pod 350mg

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The strongest CBD Juul pod on the market! Feel the “entourage effect” with a big dose of full spectrum  CBD distillate. In addition, there is an added boost of 99% CBD isolate for guaranteed effectiveness. Enjoy smooth vaping experience with a ceramic coil vape and our precise formula for bigger tastier clouds. Includes luxury magnet box packaging! Requires a battery to smoke.

What is CBD and full spectrum CBD?

CBD comes from a cannabis plant and it has unique anti-inflammatory properties to effectively help with pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Smoking CBD or consuming high doses of CBD (100mg+) will also provide you with the “entourage effect”. An euphoria and relaxation from full spectrum CBD without any psychoactive effects due to other unique cannabinoids and terpenes present in our products, except for the THC.

Also, if you are interested in learning more about the endless benefits of CBD, check out our Blog!

Additional information


Full Spectrum 350mg CBD


Strawberry Cough


0.7 ml

How to Use

We recommend a single dose of 25mg of CBD, but it varies depending on a person. Inhale, relax and smoke away! Lowest voltage is always preferred. Keep away from sunlight.


Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, Pure CBD Isolate, PG, PEG 200, PEG 400

Lab Results

COA Distillate, COA Isolate, Juul Compatible Pod

5 reviews for Strawberry Juul Pod 350mg

  1. Lily

    Finally I found an excellent product on the market! It is flavorful, a lot of smoke, not licking, and a good relaxation right after a couple puffs

  2. Paul

    Love the packaging and flavor! Fast delivery

  3. Sarah

    Wow, $15 for this quality is incredible! I used to buy CBD cartridges for $30 and they weren’t even organic…

  4. Jim

    Perfect flavor, best CBD effect is from a vape 100%

  5. Tim

    Definitely the strongest Juul pod on the market, I love it!

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