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The Best CBD Chocolate Ever!

Why Buy CBD Chocolate From Us?

We offer CBD edibles online with no amount of THC, preservatives, artificial flavors, etc.

Our products include CBD Chocolate Bars in dark, milk or caramel and CBD Truffles in dark or milk chocolate.

Simple Ingredients, Amazing Taste

Our chocolate CBD is not only loaded with amazing benefits, but it also tastes delicious; the delightful flavor is due to the premium quality cocoa beans that are extracted from single-origin (Peru).

All our chocolates are organic and made of simple ingredients such as 200 mg full-spectrum CBD. This dosage of CBD provides ample relief for a range of problems like pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia.

Even better, our chocolates are fair trade certified, GMO-free and perfectly vegan!

Buy Premium CBD Chocolates

Why waste your time and money on poor quality chocolate when you can buy premium CBD chocolate bar and CBD dark chocolate from LAV.

We even offer free shipping on all orders so you can get your fix of premium chocolate that tastes amazing without having to spend a fortune.