We’re breaking down all of the basics of CBD distillate vs. isolate to help you make the best choice possible when selecting CBD products for purchase.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re shopping for CBD products. Do you want oils or edibles? How many milligrams of CBD do you want? What kind of effects are you trying to achieve? And there’s also one more big consideration to keep in mind: do you want your CBD to be isolate or distillate?

Keep reading to learn all about the difference between these two types of CBD, plus advice on how to use each kind.

What is CBD Distillate?

Let’s start with the first half of the question: what is CBD distillate? CBD distillates are products that are not as refined as pure CBD, which means that they contain additional ingredients like terpenes, plant materials, and yes, even THC (though levels are often quite low—ours for example contains just 0.1% THC).

While it’s true that pure is usually better when it comes to any product that you’re ingesting, the additional ingredients in distillate CBD actually have a lot to offer. Terpenes in particular can heighten the therapeutic properties of CBD, including its pain relieving and anti-stress and anxiety effects. It’s important to note however that, depending on the amount of THC present, CBD distillate products may not be legal in all states.

How to Use CBD Distillate: Most CBD distillate products are virtually odorless and tasteless, so they’re easy to consume as edibles and mixed into existing food products. Our CBD distillate product is a broad spectrum oil that can be consumed in a variety of strengths and methods. We recommend starting with 100mg and placing the product directly under your tongue, or mixing it in to your favorite food or drink.

What is CBD Isolate?

And now to the other half of the question: what is CBD isolate? CBD isolates are products that feature CBD in its purest form, meaning they’re composed solely of cannabidiol extracted directly from hemp—no terpenes, no plant materials, and no THC. For an easy way to remember this key difference, look right at the name. CBD isolate features isolated CBD, no more and no less.

The biggest benefit of CBD isolates are that you’re getting completely pure CBD. The result is highly potent cannabidiol without a need to worry about unwanted side effects or flavors.

How to Use CBD Isolate: CBD isolate has no taste, which makes it a cinch to consume orally. Our CBD isolate powder features varying strengths of CBD and can be placed directly under the tongue for fast absorption. When you use it in this way, the pure CBD is delivered directly to your bloodstream through your mucous membranes so that you experience effects as quickly as possible. 

Choosing Between Isolate and Distillate

Whether you opt to go with CBD isolate or distillate depends on what benefits you are trying to achieve and how you like to consume your CBD products. Based on their added flavors, CBD distillates may have an earthy taste that not all consumers like. That being said, this potential drawback is often counter-balanced by the heightened effects that many people get from consuming a distillate product.

Regardless of which way you go, the most important thing is to only consume CBD products that are third party tested and made from organically grown and extracted hemp. At LAV CBD, all of our products are tested for safety and are crafted using the highest quality ingredients and extraction techniques. Contact us today if you need any additional guidance on selecting the right CBD product for your needs, and browse our site to discover a wide range of CBD items, including isolate and distillate products!